Looking After Your Rechargeable Batteries

Getting the most out of your rechargeable hearing aids

Usage guidelines

· Maintaining the health of the battery cell is essential. If allowed to fully discharge – this will severely affect its longevity.

· Ensure the battery is fully charged before first usage – we recommend a full charge overnight prior to using the instruments for the first time.

· If a low battery warning from the hearing aids are heard, place the hearing aids in the charging base for charging or replace with non-rechargeable batteries. Do not open the battery door to save on battery charge, as this will only drain the rechargeable batteries.

· If the hearing aids are not in use – always place back into the charger.

· Do not place the hearing aids in the charger if the charger is unplugged, this will drain the batteries.

· Remove the rechargeable or zinc air batteries prior to placing the hearing aids in any electronic drying unit. Excessive heat can rapidly drain the battery.

· Insert hearing aids into the charging slots with the receivers and domes facing the same direction towards the power cord.

· When hearing aids are correctly placed, lights on both sides of the charger will begin to blink green. Blinking green lights indicate the hearing aids are charging.

· Solid green lights indicate the hearing aids are fully charged; they will not overcharge, therefore keep the hearing instruments in the charging base when not in use.

· When cleaning your charger, use a dry, soft tissue and/or brush to remove debris and clean the contacts of the charger. Do not sterilize or disinfect the charger nor clean with rubbing alcohol or any other liquid.

· Remove hearing aids from ears when applying products such as hairspray or cosmetics. Product can build up on the contacts and cause an impedance related issue when charging.

**If the hearing aid completely runs out of charge, the cell efficiency is significantly impacted. It is vital to avoid this from occurring by considering the above usage guidelines. If the hearing aid does run out charge, it is important to note that it will take 4 full charge cycles to regain the cell efficiency and therefore temporarily the client may experience the effects of reduced battery life.**